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Testimonial from Organisations including:

Partners in Recovery

Peedac Employment

Uniting Care West

Very good presentation

Great terminology, great, friendly and funny delivery

Thank you very much for your shared knowledge

Thank you!  Get yourself some flowers.  Very insightful training

Sonia was very good

Very useful, very insightful

I learned so much and appreciate your time and knowledge

Thank you so much Sonia, you were great!

Testimonial from a therapy client

"I came to see Sonia for a multitude of mental health and identity issues, some of which are still surfacing, but primarily for my long confirmed but recently diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive and very supportive. Until now, I had not found someone who could help me at all, could understand on any level how I felt, or offer any methods or advice that would work where traditional therapy doesn't. Sonia is patient and understanding and willing to learn from me just as I'm willing to learn from her. I'd definitely recommend her. I always look forward to our sessions, and whatever we discuss, whether it's in-depth or light-hearted and not deeply personal or difficult, it's always a good and new learning experience. I'm very glad and grateful to know Sonia and feel a little more secure knowing that she's there for me. P.

Testimonial from couples counselling


Commendation, appreciation and thank you.  Both my wife and I are highly appreciative of the time we spent with you through our couples therapy sessions and opportunity to learn, build and develop how we are to each other, and the importance in being open minded and receptive.


We found you have brilliance in your skills as a counsellor, managing and peering through the layers, giving information and building communication between partners, opening the eyes of each other and seeing their perspectives while guiding and strengthening bonds.


It was a re-building time that helped to strengthen our commitment to each other, if left unchallenged/unchecked could’ve ended up in a negative place.  Sonia, you helped to enlighten and remove ignorant thinking and always made us feel at ease and safe. 


Sonia, you really understand people.  We’ve both learnt life skills that stretch far beyond our couples counselling. You are a wonderful counsellor and we both highly recommend you. 


Kindest regards

Mr & Mrs C

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