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My name is Sonia Neale


Please have a listen to my recovered lived experience of Borderline Personality Disorder here.


My passion is for people with borderline personality disorder.  I have a lived, recovered experience of BPD and I use this to help understand my clients.  Over the years I’ve learned who I am and what I like to do.  I love working as a therapist, this is my life’s passion.  Ten years ago, I tried yoga and mindfulness and was hooked.  Yoga tunes me into my body and mindfulness tunes me into awareness of my surroundings.  Mindfulness is the key to my recovery, focussing on what is happening in front of me, watching thoughts come and go without engaging with them and without accessing past memories or future choices, just the present moment, whatever that is.  When our children left home, we moved to the country and fully adopted a new lifestyle. I am a bird nerd and photographer and we go for long hikes in the bush.  We also like going off exploring the countryside in our camper trailer.  For someone with BPD, I now live a much quieter more restrained life.  More importantly I am finally happy and content.

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