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Sonia Neale


Just a bit of information about myself.  I am 57 years old, married with three adult children.  I am passionate about my cats, and since I was six, I have never been without a furry friend.  Up untll recently we had two cats.  Gizmo (pictured) died of old age last year.   Our other cat, Cofi is still alive and well.

I had a later-in-life career change after working in medical typing and administration since I left school.  I have now worked in community mental health for nearly ten years (the length of time it took to get my degree).  As well, I’ve worked interstate and overseas on various projects involving mental health.  The people I have worked with over the years have given me so much in love, time and support.  I have such fond memories of them all.  Having a counselling practice is something I have aspired to for a very long time.  I find my work challenging and rewarding. 


If you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life.

So why am I so passionate about working with people with Borderline Personality Disorder?  The short answer is I have a recovered lived experience personal perspective of BPD and was lucky enough to find a therapist who believed in me.  So now I want to help people with the same support I was so generously given.  The stigma and discrimination around BPD is still occurring, but is starting to be addressed by a legion of people around Australia.  Part of those trailblazers include a group of people called the Australian Borderline Personality Disorder Foundation and they are setting up branches all over Australia, so check them out.

Reading and writing are two of my main passions.  I like to walk and bike-ride around the many lakes where I live.  Yoga and body balance are ways I like to stay in shape, both mentally and physically.  Gardening is something I am very keen on.  I’ve just started to learn how to paint with watercolours.


I feel that life is an adventure to be explored with curiosity – both the positive and the not so positive.

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