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Please have a listen to my recovered lived experience of

Borderline Personality Disorder here.



If you wish to be a part of this, please contact

Sonia Neale Registered Counsellor
Aveley Counselling Services
Mobile:  0427 730 444

Successful workshops in the past include

Emotional Regulation workshop 1 - August 2023

Emotional Regulation workshop 2 - September 2023

Core Beliefs and Self-Worth - October 2023

Coming Soon

Self-Compassion and Mindfulness workshop

Please email me at the email address above if you would like to express an interest in next years workshop.

Are you TIRED AND EXHAUSTED from work, family commitments and family dynamics, the mental load and just the general stress and suffering of your busy lifestyle?

Do you want to UNWIND AND RELAX for two hours in a nurturing, supportive small intimate gathering of like-minded women?
Learn in a safe secure environment where you can acquire the skills and techniques necessary to be free from rumination and worry, both past and future.

AVELEY COUNSELLING SERVICES has started regular wellness group workshops and invites your Expression of Interest to join this.  This group will help women make meaningful social connections and enhance overall well-being to help them become more present and aware of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how they affect and impact their life.


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